Ride to Remember – Fallen But Not For Gotten

Hello Ride-to-Remember Family!!

We have 400 riders signed-up to take part in this amazing tribute to Fallen First Responders in Massachusetts. You are taking part in something amazing and you will remember it the rest of your life. The families of the fallen heroes will always remember your kindness in participating in this event honoring their loved ones.

The following is a breakdown of the entire event and this should answer all your questions …


Friday, September 8th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. at the Irish Cultural Center, 429 Morgan Rd. West Springfield.

At the pre-registration table you will be given your “rider number” that you will adhere to your bicycle for the ride then next morning. You will then have to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement. If this is not signed, you will not be allowed to ride in this year’s ride. You will also receive your rider swag bag with great one of a kind items that you will wear and cherish!!!

The pre-registration is a time to gather with fellow riders, have a beer or order food from the amazing restaurant located at the Irish Cultural Center. We encourage you to stay and celebrate this event! We have plenty of volunteers at the pre-reg so you won’t have any issues getting your number and swag.

*Rider Jerseys” – If you have not received your rider jersey or shorts yet, do not panic. We have them!

Mr. Bruce Tretter (owner of Brietzwear and produced our jerseys) will have a table where your gear is bagged individually with your name attached. You can pick it up then! 

If for some reason your jersey is not fitting correctly, bring it with you to pre-reg … we have extras ordered for a swap. Hopefully we will have your size. 

The Ride-to-Remember, Saturday, September 9th

First and foremost. The Ride-to-Remember is a RAIN OR SHINE event.

As I am typing this I have the news on in the background. The latest weather here in the Springfield area is for a cloudy morning and early afternoon with a chance of scattered showers in the afternoon in the low 80’s. So there is a chance we will get rained on a little sometime during the day. That being said, I would prefer to ride in that type of weather instead of the 100 degree weather that is taking place.

We have amazing Ride Marshals that will keep you safe during the ride and two luxury Peter Pan Busses that follow us the entire way where you can dodge the raindrops if you prefer. 

Arrive at the Irish Cultural Center starting at 6:45 amDo not arrive earlier and self park. There will be numerous volunteers showing you where to put your car. Since parking spots at the Irish Cultural Center are limited we suggest that you carpool or get dropped off by your loved ones, they can come back later for the after party. 

Once you arrive you will be provided with breakfast. Many volunteers will be on hand to body-mark your arm and leg with your “rider number”. The Competitive Edge Bike Shop will have bike mechanics on hand to assist with any problems or air for your tires. 

At exactly 8:00 am the pre-ride ceremony will begin with the National Anthem, prayers and many local politicians and celebrities addressing the riders and volunteers. At 8:15 am the 11th Annual Ride-to-Remember will commence!! You will ride 68 miles with 399 other riders through Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. The route is really amazing and there is only 2,200 ft. of climbing. We have three fantastic rest-stops planned where you will be pampered, fed and hydrated like royalty. We have 100 volunteers catering to all your needs. 

We will be doing a solemn pass-by Springfield Police Officer Kevin Ambrose gravesite in Hillcrest Park Cemetery while bagpipes are playing as we pass. His family and friends will be there to watch as we pedal by in silence and respect.

We will make our way back to the Irish Cultural Center and arrive there around 3:30 P.M. The ride will conclude in the parking lot of the Irish Cultural Center. You must adhere to the volunteers directions to where the medal ceremony is located.Afterparty and Celebration:

Again, Rain or shine … The post ride celebration will begin after you receive your beautiful rider medal in a post ride ceremony as you get off your road bike. Your family and loved ones that are waiting for you will be directed where to go so they can take your picture when you finish this amazing accomplishment as your medal is draped over your neck.

There will be rooms inside the Irish Cultural Center where you can change out of your riding gear and into some shorts and a t-shirt (sorry – no showers!!). 

There will be a post ride dinner (free to all riders). The meal will be amazing!!! If it’s raining the ICC patio is totally enclosed in a tent. There will be seating inside the ICC and plenty of picnic tables.

We will not let a little rain dampen our celebration of life as we ride to remember the fallen heroes who answered the call to protect all the citizens in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

*Some important things to keep in mind:

1) Do not forget your helmet. No helmet, no ride. Don’t forget your rider jersey!!!

2) Earbuds are not allowed to be used during the R2R11.

3) No talking on your cell phone during the ride.

4) The Ride Marshals are in charge during the ride. They are there to assist you with all your biking needs or troubles. Please remember they are there to make your ride safe and enjoyable. If they give you direction, you must follow what they say. There will be over 20 police officers on motorcycles to stop traffic and cut off intersections so we never have to stop until we reach the rest-stops. 

5) Have fun!! Our pace never goes above 15 mph. This is not a race. We are bringing attention to fallen heroes. We promise that this will be a ride you will always remember. 

*Don’t forget to thank all the volunteers, marshals and police officers that are sacrificing their own time to make sure you enjoy your day.

Like always … if you have any questions please do not hesitate to text me at 413-265-8255.

John Delaney